Who We Are

Global Association for People and the Environment (GAPE) is a small nonprofit organization founded in 1999 that works to support community-led developmentĀ and the food sovereignty and indigenous peoples’ movements in their struggles for secure access to the resources that they depend on for their livelihoods and to which their unique cultures and identities are closely linked. Promoting women’s empowerment and the struggle against gender discrimination are also vital to GAPE’s work.

Team Building


  • Assisting people in developing their own potential in an ecologically sensitive and socially just manner;
  • Implementing and coordinating community development and environmental conservation programs;
  • Facilitating people-centred learning through supporting community based education programs, with an emphasis on ecological issues.


Rural communities live comfortably in harmony with nature and their neighbours. They have control over their resources and are able to make informed decisions so that the resources are managed sustainably and in an environmentally sensitive manner. The rights of indigenous people are observed and their cultures preserved.