Our Program

Southern Laos Remote Village Education
Community-Based Natural Resource Management and Agroecology

The overall goal of this program is to improve the livelihoods of smallholder semi-subsistence farmers and NTFP gatherers, in harmony with nature, and enhance recognition of customary tenure over the land and natural resources they depend on for their livelihoods. The purpose of this program, as GAPE works towards this goal, is to enhance the capacity of communities and community groups to organize themselves and build community around issues relevant to their livelihoods and in accordance with their culture and aspirations.

Program activities include:

  • farmer field schools
  • farmer-to-farmer extension services
  • teaching and promoting permaculture design principles
  • supporting NTFP and perennial crop nurseries
  • developing food and NTFP forests
  • developing low-tech, gravity-fed irrigation systems, such as bamboo drip irrigation, and constructing bore wells
  • organizing village-to-village exchange visits and study tours
  • teaching land and forest-related laws, concepts such as free, prior and informed consent
  • participatory mapping and formal registration of village territories
  • facilitating the development of CBNRM and related institutions
  • conducting research along with community members on their livelihoods, cultures, and impacts of destructive development

*Additionally, GAPE collaborates with Sustainable Lao Education Initiatives (SLEI) on their Sai Nyai Eco-School Program: Sai Nyai Eco-School