Volunteer Opportunities

1. Agronomist, Permaculturist and/or NTFPs Specialist

Period: Minimum three-month commitment, beginning as early as January 2017.

2. GIS Mapping Specialist

Assignment: Support the development of high-quality maps of village and forest territories and support the learning of GAPE staff and government partners on GIS.

Period: Minimum three-month commitment, beginning as early as November 2016.

3. Videographer/Photographer

Assignment: Accompany GAPE staff into the field to document or .

Period: As early as November 2016, with a minimum three-month commitment.

4. Internships and Graduate Research

If you are looking for academic internship and research opportunities relevant to the work GAPE does, please send a maximum two-page proposal and your curriculum vitae to the GAPE Management Committee.

These are unpaid volunteer opportunities. Accommodation may be provided at the GAPE office dorms (men’s and women’s). The volunteer will be responsible for covering their own costs, and must have proof of health and accident insurance for the duration of the assignment. GAPE will cover work-related transportation costs.

Candidates interested in these volunteer opportunities as part of a university program are encouraged to apply. If you are interested in one of the following volunteer opportunities, have the relevant technical skills, and wish to be considered please send a maximum one page cover letter expressing your interest and your curriculum vitae to the GAPE Management Committee at gapeinternational_at_gmail_dot_com. Full terms of reference available upon request.